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Sonntag, 24. August 2008

[PIC]재미있는 사진 동방신기 / 슈퍼주니어 (Funny TVXQ / Super Junior)

blubb...blubb xDD

don´t wanna make a 포르노 with you xDD

hey thats not my fauld T_T
just look on my parents xDD~

nooo~ TT__TT

aww momy and daddy ^///^ but who is the uke o.O''?

lol thx ^^

böööö~ thats nasty SW xDD

ui~ look Sungmins cute face aww~ >///<

Yeeeaaaah~ °(^o^)°

Amen -.-

the Taemin~ The Taemin and Heechul chul chul chul chul~
norfff xDDDD~

Eunhyuk don´t talk abour yourself XD~

be proud of it xD~

yeah momy JJ do it right XDD~

WTF how did she do that O_O''

now we know why Changmin lokked like that XDD

yeah GTFO fansgirls leave JJ alone XDD~

lol don wirte something there!
his T-Shirt says everyting XDD~

i don´t like the shinne guy -.-

Sexy *__*

Yeaah 돈일 fighting!! 8(^o^)8

don´t forget girls clean everday 2 times a day your teeth xDD

poor snsd xDD i don´t hate them O_O

bbrrrrrrr *shiwon voice* xDD

yeah~ to much passion o.O'

no you didn´t ÔoÔ''''

Yeeeeaaaaah~ °(^o^)°

wanna enjoy his aids xDDDD~

Kibum isn´t really my favo. but i like his smile XD

don´t be scared ist only CM and YC xDD~

hurt him if you wanna die o.Ô....xD

his skin that i he let us see is advertizement enough XD
nice pants JJ XDD

*laugh* Shiwons face XDD~

Mr. 00won xDD

bravo Henry~ you got it xDDD

yeah like my mom xDD~

lol someone save Junsu please XDD~

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it looks more like
''gonna kill JJ....use your cuteness wisely...''

ooohhhhhhhh~ JJ *pat*

poor Yoochun xDD~

iiiiiiieew xD~

by livejournal@macros

i piieeed xDDDD~
i can´t anymore xDDDD~
my poor jeans XDDD

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